Florida Bass Fishing Techniques Developed by the Guides!

You’ve planned all year or even longer for that first Florida bass fishing trip. You made all the preparations, hooked up the boat and journeyed to your fishing destination in sunny Florida. You get to the ramp, launch the boat and look out at a lake like you’ve never seen before. There are reeds, cypress trees, cattails and grass of all kinds as far as the eye can see. Only boat trails to lead you out to the open water…where ever that is? At this point you may be feeling a bit over whelmed because everything looks fishy. So where do you start first?

A guide to Florida bass fishing takes the guess work out of planning your next, or first, Florida fishing trip. Using the methods of the professional Florida guides, we'll unlock the mysteries of finding and catching these monster bass.

These tips and techniques are the same ones used by the Florida bass fishing guides. The goal is to reveal the same strategies used by the guides to find fish for their customers and the methods they use to catch them. After all, the key to having fun is catching fish. Have you ever heard the expression “That’s why it’s called fishing and not catching”? The aim here is to reduce the amount of time it takes to find the fish (fishing) and increase your catch rate (catching).

These tips and techniques are for everyone from the novice to the seasoned angler, covering everything from Florida Boating Regulations to helpful hints on snapping photos of trophy catches to preserve the memories. Everything necessary for a successful trip is covered.

Here is a list of areas that will be covered:

  • Techniques
  • Boat electronics
  • Best times
  • Tackle
  • Knots
  • Equipment
  • Gear
  • Lures
  • Live bait
  • Boats
  • Vegetation
  • License
  • Regulations
  • Accommodations
  • Other attractions
  • Photography
  • Lakes

The great thing about Florida is you can combine your Florida bass fishing trip with a family vacation. Orlando, Florida is known as the amusement park capital of the world. With parks like Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World to name the biggies, you’ll find endless entertainment opportunities for all ages. Florida also has some of the world’s best beaches from the Gulf Coast to the Atlantic Coast. Maybe you like visiting historical sites like St. Augustine or just site seeing like the Everglades or Key West. The possibilities are endless and there’s something for everyone.

“So get in the boat and let’s go fishing”!

Florida Bass Fishing Blog
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Fishing Supplies Checklist
A checklist of fishing supplies you’ll want to fill before you head out on you’re next Florida Fishing Vacation. Make sure you don’t leave important tackle behind.
Shiners the Key to Big Bass Fishing in Florida
Fishing with shiners…best odds for catching the really big fish. The Florida bass fishing guides offer an option between live bait and artificial but recommend shiners for the really <b>big fish!</b>
Boats Suitable for Florida Style Fishing.
Boats come in a variety of sizes. Some are specialized for specific types of fishing while others are multi purpose. Does yours fit the bill for Florida’s lakes?
Use your Fish Finders to locate structure that holds fish.
Your fish finders are key to finding all the elements that hold fish. If you can learn to look for these first, instead of fish, your catch rate will increase.
Learn how to take snapshots to capture those once in a lifetime memories.
How to take snapshots can be as simple as avoiding a few mistakes. Be prepared, when the opportunity arises, to snap that memory of a lifetime.
Purchasing Fl fishing license is easy with phone and online services.
Buying a Fl fishing license used to be hunting a store that sold them only to find they were out. Not today with easy access phone and online services.
Researching Florida fishing rules in advance can save your trip.
Florida fishing rules are managed by 5 regions that monitor the 4 bass zones. Confused? Just study the rules for the lakes you plan to fish.
Lake Wales accommodations range from small fish camps to resorts.
Lake Wales accommodations include the full gambit from camp grounds, rustic fish camps, hotels and motels to bed-n-breakfast and full service resorts.
Polarized sunglasses, essential for fishermen’s eye protection.
Polarized sunglasses are not enough for total eye protection. The best polarized sunglasses include special coatings to protect against harmful UV and UVB light.
Ethanol problems continue to plague owners of outboard motors.
Ethanol problems include instability, phase separation and reduced performance. While manufacturers work to improve their motors, older outboards remain vulnerable.
The Rat-L-Trap is a staple for any Florida anglers tackle box.
The Rat-L-Trap is the perfect bait for Florida bass fishing. Lipless crankbaits are the ideal lure for the shallow water structure offered by Florida lakes.
The floating worm adds fun and excitement into catching bass.
The floating worm craze started with the original bubble gum floating worm and blossomed into a whole rainbow of colors to cover every fishing condition.
Jerkbaits resemble the great variety of forage fish the largemouth bass feed on.
By varying the jerkbaits size, shape and color, you can mimic almost the entire, diet of the Florida largemouth bass i.e. wild golden shiners, needlefish or any of the many different species of shad.