Use these Bass Fishing Techniques for a Great Florida Fishing Vacation

Florida Bass relate to all just have to figure out which one.

In this section of bass fishing techniques we'll unlock some of the mystery of fishing these waters. Unless you've been to Florida and seen these grassy waters, you're in for a completely new experience. Denny Brauer told me that he hated fishing Florida tournaments although he always seemed to do well. The techniques I'll describe are the ones the guides use for finding and catching these monster bass.

Fishing several tournaments over the years I've developed my favorite lure selection, patterns and techniques. As this site develops I'll talk about a variety of bass fishing tips for lure selection and some fishing tips on how, when and where to use them.

The primary method the guides use for catching these monsters, is fishing with Florida's Wild Golden Shiners. We'll cover other bass fishing techniques in this site but since the primary method and the best odds for boating a trophy is with shiners, we'll start there.

I once read an article about the Florida Bass stocking program in Texas. A study was conducted, comparing catch rates between native Texas bass and the Florida bass introduced to Texas waters like Lake Fork. The study showed out of 100 fish caught, 1 was a Florida bass. This told me that the Florida bass is a tougher fish to catch. Arguments can be made that these fish are not swimming in their native shallow warm Florida waters. Also the bass fishing techniques used by Texas anglers differ from what a Florida angler would use.

There are three basic techniques used by the guides:

  • Pulling-this is simply pulling the shiner along a grass line using the trolling motor.
  • Drifting-This method is excellent for covering a large area. Good for finding fish as well as catching them.
  • Setting Up-simply put, anchoring on a spot where you've found a good bunch of fish.
Working in the Marine and Tackle Industry for ten years, I had the opportunity to fish all over the country including Alaska, Oregon, Texas, Hawaii (for bass) and Canada to name a few. My favorite and the place I decided to start a guide business was Florida. I found that the weather, the lakes and population of BIG BASS gave me the greatest odds for being successful and I was right.

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