Best Boats for Florida Lakes

Boats; “are holes in the water to throw money into”. I’ve also heard that “the happiest days of an owner are the day he buys it and the day he sells it” Well perhaps the people who say that aren’t fishermen or better yet, never fished for Big Florida Largemouth Bass.

If you’re planning a trip to Florida in search of a trophy to hang over the fireplace, you’ll need one of two things, either a good Florida bass guide or something to fish out of. Assuming you want to forego the guide and take on the challenge yourself, you’ll need to bring something to fish out of. The question is “does yours fit the requirements needed to fish Florida’s lakes?”

Crooked Lake, FL.

Visit these pages for a more indepth look at how these different types of rigs work for Florida style fishing and it's shallow grassy lakes:

Bass Rigs: are probably the most widely used for Florida bass fishing…go figure. They have the shallow draft for Florida’s often skinny water. Built-in livewells can double as bait tanks for shiner fishing. Fish finders are standard equipment and important for finding submerged vegetation like hydrilla. They can handle the big lakes on windy days when others must seek smaller waters.

Aluminums: have an economic advantage over the others both on the lake and towing. They are great for smaller lakes, pits and, if you’re fortunate enough to find a gracious owner, orange grove lakes. While there not restricted to the smaller bodies of water, vigilance is needed before venturing out onto a Toho, Kissimmee or Okeechobee.

Pontoons: offer a spacious deck that allows for a larger number of people to fish comfortably. They are great for groups, families with kids and the handicapped. Most of the newer pontoons come equipped with fish finder, trolling motor and even a livewell. Pontoons are a choice of the guides when it comes to taking parties out that are too large for a bass rig.

Florida's Operator Safety Rules for Inland Lakes: Follow the Florida boating safety rules by first equipping your rig with the proper safety gear. Then relax and focus on catching Florida’s big bass.

Others that work well:

I’ve described the three most common vessels you’ll see on our Florida lakes. Others that also fit the bill are flats, bay, party barges and walleye rigs. The only ones I would not recommend are the deep-vs designed for running in rough waters like the great lakes or major river systems. Although most of your fishing will be done in open water over hydrilla beds, grass edges and grass islands, there are times you may want to venture into the canals or the shallow flats between the bank and the back side of the grass edges. Also it may be tough going trying to launch a deep-v on some of our shallow ramps.

More Info:

For the "Do-It-Yourselfer" or if you're looking to purchase a new or used rig, visit these sites for some great advice and "How To's":

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